Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy

... Basically, jaw surgery

Well, it's done. I'm moving on to home base now... This has been a three year production this spring, and I truly can't wait to have it over and done with.

Actually, right now, I'd just like to feel if the tea (very cooled down) I'm drinking is dripping off of my lower lip. I can't feel my lips, chin, or much of my lower face. This, in hindsight, is probably very good, since I'm so broken that I can feel the pain even through the numbness!

So here are the before and after shots. None of them are very attractive, but really, aside from the puffiness, I don't see the difference - maybe I should have had genioplasty as well - but that would plastic have been plastic surgery, and that's not why I got into all of this.
Why did I get into all of this??? Well, I kill teeth. Not yours, so don't worry. I have killed 3 of my own teeth. My jaw wasn't aligned correctly and/or never developed correctly. The doctor suspects some form of juvanille arthritis. That would explain all of my other joint issues... Anyway, I had a lot of jaw joint pain, TMJ, extreme sensitivity to cold... Only 2 of all of my teeth connected naturally. I had to slide my jaw to chew - this caused other issues. Basically, my mouth is/was (hopefully) a mess.


This brace is preventing the swelling around the wound. I also wear an ice band around my face - it's very helpful with the pain as well as the swelling. Oh, in this last shot - I'm smiling!!!! Yeah, they cut your nerves a little when they do this surgery, so I don't have complete facial mobility or feeling - will the fun never stop.

Stay tuned for more adventures... Next up: Eating with your Mouth Wired Shut!


Leah said...

I hope you feel better soon. If you want to get together with the kids for a cool beverage soon let me know.

Lewis family said...

I look very forward to the next blog...have to say the crackers & gravy (pureed, of course), interesting.

It is nice to see a smile!!!

= )