Friday, February 27, 2009

Funtastic Family Night at Hyde Creek

I really got to break in my new little PINK Olympus - it's waterproof up to 6 feet! - when we went to Hyde Creek for a family night. I've really been meaning to take Robynn swimming, but with breastfeeding Natasha, that just wasn't really an option. Well, since we had to try out a bottle before my surgery anyway, Russ kept Natasha on the pool deck, and I took Robynn swimming.

Robynn and I had a blast! We played in the pool, went down the little slide, and when the BIG slide opened up, we went down that one over and over again!

Here is some video - yup in the water - of Robynn going down the little slide. She's wearing a life jacket, because this pool is a little deep.

Okay, this video is only for the less squeamish. I gave Robynn the camera to take with her down the BIG slide. It goes underwater for a bit at the end, and it looks spooky. Really, Robynn was just fine, the water was only 6 inches deep, and I was there right away. She's actually screaming with joy!