Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chocolate from the wine lady!

Jessica came over after my surgery to entertain my eldest daugter. Jess was just awesome! She picked Robynn up from preschool on Tuesday, made her one of her favourite lunches: calamata olives - with the pits removed, smoked applewood chedder - but only the parts with the red stuff on it, crackers, and grapes! Now what 4 year old wouldn't be thrilled with that kind of lunch? I have a strange kid... Then the two of them went swimming for TWO hours!

Of course, Jessica had pre-made dinner. So Robynn and Jess sat down to yummy homemade cannelloni with salad and garlic cheese bread (I had a sippy cup of broth!), and for dessert there was the best smelling apple crisp with vanilla ice cream! No, I wasn't jealous... Because Russ wasn't home that night, Jess stayed and read to Robynn and tucked her in. Awww...

The next morning, Auntie Jessica was back just after breakfast and was conned into playing a game of Simpsons Chess (I got this game for Russ when we were dating - Robynn loves the characters!), then they were off to Jungle Jacs! Jess stayed there playing with Robynn for FOUR hours!

When they came home, since Natasha and I were sleeping, Jess set Robynn up with her laptop and The Little Mermaid. Robynn was so lucky she even got to watch Peter Pan afterwards too!

Daddy came home during the movie marathon and, having not seen his 4-year old in over a day, asked her what she'd been up to. Her reply had nothing to do with the pool, Jungle Jacs, the yummy food, the games, the movies.... No, my daughter said, "I got a chocolate from the lady at the wine store!" Oh my goodness did we laugh!!! Apparently, after shopping for some groceries that day, Jessica took Robynn into the BC Liquor store to buy a bottle of wine for dinner. Robynn was given a chocolate to celebrate dry grad. This is what she remembers most fondly of her two days with Auntie Jessica! You know, it's kind of fitting...

Notice how everyone else gets REAL plates and cutlery! I get a sippy cup and a zip n squeeze bag!

Thank you so much Auntie Jessica!!!