Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I'm not really going to get the opportunity to blog about all of the events that have happened in the past month or so, but I can give you a couple of images to see what we've been up to. Enjoy!

Auntie Lori meets Natasha.

The bright colours in Robynn's room make Natasha so happy. She just loves spending time in there - especially when she gets to snuggle Big Sister!

Peyton and Liam love to look at Natasha. Every week, Peyton asks to hold her too!

Lynda and I finally (at the end of January) got together to have the girls exchange Christmas presents. What fun! We went to open gym time in Port Moody, so the girls could run around while us bigger and littlest girls had some down time.
And here is a video clip of the girls trying to chase me - watch out for some vertigo...

Auntie Vivian hadn't yet met Natasha (snow and colds are to blame!), so she and cousin Grace came to visit us at Church one Sunday.

I took this picture with my new Olympus camera (it's pink!). Natasha (pre-surgery) was such a good sleeper. She was sleeping 5 - 6 hour spells every night. Here she is in her co-sleeper - borrowed from her best buddy Susanna.

Natasha's first trip out in the Chariot! She fell asleep. What do you expect?

Robynn has a awesome play friend in our town home complex. She and Sophie have a lot of fun together. Look how low the Fraser is!!!

One day, Robynn stripped herself naked and crawled into her new favourite blanket - "My Auntie Vivian made it with her own hands you know!" - she and Natasha had some cuddle time together under the blanket and housecoats - so cute!
Okay, here's my new little genius! Natasha was only six weeks old, and she was supposedly sleeping in her pack-n-play. Robynn and I were downstairs, and we hear this little tinkly noise from one of the toys in Natasha's pack-n-play. Sure enough, Natasha was entertaining herself by hitting the toy to make it give her the tinkly sound! I'm such a proud Mum!