Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Time at the PoCo Arena

Russ and I have noticed how much better our family functions when we actually work at spending quality family time together - I know that it sounds like a no brainer, but really, sometimes things need to hit you in the head before you can figure them out! So, on February 7th, Russ and I took Robynn and Natasha skating. We tried to go the the Maple Ridge Planet Ice, but it was closed for a tournament. Instead, we travelled all the way to the PoCo arena for some family fun. Actually, it was a blast!

The arena was free that day, because they were celebrating Power Smart, so Robynn even got cool trinkets for answering some Power Smart questions.

We were able to bring Natasha in her stroller onto the ice, so technically, this is her first ice skating day!

Robynn has been taking lessons through the fall. She's getting better, but since Christmas she's switched to figure skates. We had her learning in hockey skates, but I guess they just weren't pretty enough. She asked for the figure skates herself.