Friday, February 27, 2009

Wee College Super Star!

Wee College is such a fun time for Robynn. She goes every Monday morning, and learns all about her Bible! She has fun projects, songs, memory verses, and homework!!! Mrs. Low and Mrs. Douglas are such great teachers. I highly recommend this class for ALL of my friends' kids!

Lining up - see the banners in the back - those are all of the bible verses the children have learned!

The purpose of Wee College is to familiarize children with the Bible - here Robynn is looking up the Books of Paul - that's what today's class was all about!

Every student has the opportunity to be the Wee College Super Star! That means that their Mum or Dad comes to help the class, they bring a snack for all of their friends, and - best of all - they are the class helper for the day. Robynn has been very fortunate, and she's been the Super Star twice! She is so proud of her Super Star sticker and that she got to help out the teacher. So sweet.