Monday, October 19, 2009

Swim Dare Devils!

Our last weekend in Penticton was a little rainy. So what do you do when it rains on your vacation? Take the vacation indoors! We took all our girls to the Penticton Pool! Actually, this pool is really great for families. It has a little, very warm, pool that Natasha and Susanna enjoyed very much, but it also has the deeper pools – you know the ones with the high dive boards. Well, Joelle and Robynn thought it might be fun to go off of the high dive board! We convinced them to try the lower one first, but that was so easy, they just had to try the high dive! Wow! We, and many other spectator parents, were so impressed at these little girls’ fabulous feats!



Look at the difference in leg action - Natasha thinks she's in a jolly jumper! Her legs didn't stop moving the whole time we were in the pool.

Here are the big girls...


Lewis family said...

Oh this is fantastic, too! I am still in shock about Joelle & Robynn going off BOTH diving boards that day!

I hadn't had a perfect view of Joelle going off the high I know why she hurt. She has told me MANY times how she will go in 'next time' so she doesn't get hurt.

THANK YOU for videoing this...the live memories are priceless and your commentary & laughter is as well!

= )