Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Apparently, I'm hungry

... As I've been updating my blog, there has been a curiously loud rumbling going on in my belly. Could it be that strained liquids aren't doing for me? Yes, I've already lost weight - no, I don't know how much, but between getting my milk supply up again, and only being allowed blended, strained liquids, I'm a little behind on the calorie uptake!

Natasha is working her hardest to get my milk back to it's pre-surgery level. Apparently, being put under a general anaesthetic with a lowered body temperature and blood pressure rate for 5 hours kills your milk supply! I honestly didn't think I'd loose milk that quickly. Thankfully, Natasha doesn't give up. The first real day back at breastfeeding, I think she ate 30 times. We've gone down since then, and I'm taking Fenugreek to help stimulate the milk supply - it's all working, and - now if you know me, you know that I'm a worrier - I'm actually not worried about her loosing weight. It's not going to stop me from taking nasty, yucky fenugreek or letting Natasha use me as the human soother, but it does ease my mind a bit.

Well, my tummy keeps on rumbling, so I'm going to take the hint... Should I eat blended, strained mushroom soup, blended, strained curry gravy, blended, strained ... you get the idea!